About the Band

jatobaSince their inception in 2009 Jatoba has been playing their unique music for the delighted ears of fans of all ages all over the Northeast. Jatoba started as an acoustic trio, however, these days they are an ever changing beast with their two founding members, John Jamison and Jason Scaggs, firmly planted in the center. For most of their career they coined their 540888_401655063196524_1768877757_ngenre of “groovegrass” for their bluegrass/newgrass electronic sounding compositions and improvisations. These days they have perfected their craft while branching in new directions with the addition of the Marcel LeClaire on drums and Elliot Jacob New on electric bass, to the traditional bluegrass instrumentation. With tight vocal harmonies, soulful lyrics and unique compositions Jatoba is a force of music to be reckoned with & plans to stay around for some time to come.