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JATOBA, Vermont’s Smokin’ Groove-Grass Trio to Perform at Nectar’s

JATOBA returns to Nectar’s with their “True Sound of Vermont” on March 5.

Take three very talented young men and hand each a set of strings, add quirky and interesting lyrics and eye-popping harmonies. Don’t forget the wall-to-wall crowds of fans singing along with every tune. There is an anticipation that only precedes a very select amount of musicians. This band and their new CD ‘Death Fire and Picnic Tables’ carry that anticipation. Jatoba encompasses all that you expect from an amazing musical experience. A sound that just may be the new voice of Vermont music. A sound that is described as “bluegrass without boundaries.”
Jatoba’s “blue-grass + new-grass = groove-grass” abilities create a sound that is all their own. Stand up bass that keeps the story moving in all the right rhythms. Guitars, banjos, and mandolins that proudly declare character, creativity and fun. At times, it’s difficult to believe there are only three.

Because Jatoba carries their own musical genre along for the ride, it would be a poor bet to say there is anyone out there that wouldn’t enjoy a serving or three of Jatoba. Even the most dedicated and stubborn genre elitist will find their toes tapping in sync with everyone else. Groove-Grass does not define Jatoba, Jatoba defines Groove-Grass. It would be hard challenged to findanother band doing this same thing.

Jatoba at Nectar’s on February 11.

Photo credit: Brett Lupfer Copyright

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